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About Us:

Amader Ghatail, a sister concern of "BongshaiIT.cin" is the true news portal in Bangladesh. The Daily Message preaches all kinds of news to all countries of the world including Bangladesh. One of the tasks of the Daily Message is to convey fast, accurate and truthful news. The Daily Message has a skilled journalist. Their task is to bring realistic news to the people of the country and the world through the Daily Message Website.

Who we are:

The Daily Message is an online news portal. Our main task is to spread true and objective news among the Bengali-speaking people in full free. Daily messages always try to spread the news quickly. So in the Daily Message you will see the latest news first of all in FREE.

Why are we

Our main task is to disseminate true and fast 25/1 global news. Our real purpose is to highlight what is happening around us. We do not promote anything that hurts a person or an organization. However, we do not make any concessions to the spread of truth news. However, we do not preach any anti-government news.